RR's Unit Converter for Android

RR's Unit Converter is a powerful unit conversion and calculator software for android smart phones. It contains over 1000 simple units. Compound units can be created by selecting nominator and denominator unit. For example 'Speed' could be defined by any combination of Length/Time units.
A dictionary with definitions for almost all of the units in the database is also included for your convenience.
Units watchlist makes it easy to use for multiple transformation at one time. By using user defined watchlist, switching between watchlist mode: from input to many or many to output and switching input with output unit, gives a quick way to find the answer you are looking for. Feature like algebra calculator, by parsing user input data along with the predefined mathematical formulas helps your smart phone to get smarter. Read software features for more details.

  • User defined watch list for quick transformation between multiple units. Input to many( watchlist) or many to Output for your convenience
  • Quick switch from:
    • Input to Output units
    • one watchlist mode to another
    • any unit from watchlist to Input
  • Over 1000 units with definitions included
  • Compound units are user defined. E.q. units like 'Speed' could be defined by any combination of Length/Time units
  • Each unit is split by two: main unit and it's prefixes or derivates
  • User defined denominator for compound units for both Input and Output units
  • Edit denominator for compound unit. Available for both Input and Output
  • Search by name feature to quickly find an unit
  • Infinite-precision arithmetic: User defined calculation precision. Calculation precision is limited only by your device memory
  • Number representation: engineering, plain or auto
  • Simple algebra calculator, by using +, -, *, /, () symbols and
  • Mathematical formulas and constants
  • It also contains common geometric formulas( area and volume) for different geometric figures and shapes